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In order to preserve consistency throughout this wiki, please follow these style guidelines when creating new articles:

  • Use headings for sections in an article. Do not use bold text for these subheadings.
  • Use level 1 subheadings for subsections. Avoid using numbered lists for this purpose as they are less readable and tend to merge into walls of text.
  • For schedules, use schedule templates.
  • Do not take screenshots of napcharts. Use the image export feature.
  • Use bullets for lists (you can type it with an asterisk).
  • When creating a new page, ensure it has a short summary description before the paragraphs start. This is needed for showing previews correctly.

More will be added as time goes on.


Use this word: Not these:
Mechanism Mechanics, Function, Workings
Schedule Timetable, Sleep cycle, Sleep program, Rhythm, Program
Adaptation Adjustment
Variant Variation, Version, Option
Extended/shortened sleep schedule Lengthened/compressed sleep schedule
Lengthened/compressed sleep cycle Extended/shortened sleep cycle
Everyman 1/2/3/4 (nap count) Everyman 6/4.5/3/1.5 (core length)

Napchart colour scheme

Colour Meaning
Red Sleep
Purple Dark period
Blue Flexible timing range

Schedule page outline

  1. Introduction (no heading)
  2. History/Origin
  3. Mechanism
  4. Adaptation
  5. Difficulty
  6. Lifestyle Considerations
  7. Variants
  8. References

People pages

  • Use a redirect to a page under User: namespace if you wrote it yourself, and then edit your own user page. (you can do this by typing "#REDIRECT [[User:YourName]]" on the page.) This allows your contributions to appear on the top of that page for convenience.
  • Use first person if you wrote it yourself, third person if it's for someone long dead or unwilling to write themselves.
  • Please do not write a page for someone that does not want to be mentioned.

References guide

References should be added to a page in the source mode editor. They are placed under the header "References", which should be added at the bottom of the page. Citation templates should be used for the references. An example:

== References ==


<ref name="abc">{{cite book |title=Title}}</ref>

<ref name="def">{{cite web |website=Reddit}}</ref>


For attaching a citation to a needed place on the page, the next syntax should be used:

This is a phrase.<ref name="abc" /> Text continues here.

Such citation style makes translation of the pages easier, as well as readability of their source in general. Further information can be found on the Citation templates wikipedia page. More examples can be seen on the other pages using the source mode editor.