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I'm a contributor, editor and active user of the polyphasic sleeping discord. I'm also known as the guy who is obsessed with things such as Nofap, Meditation, Wim Hof Method, sports, things that generally improve physical and mental health, although people think I harm myself more by keep failing Nofap attempts which has some truth in it but I wont give up. I'm generally pretty impatient and people also know me as the guy who doesn't care about recovery after attempting a hard sleeping schedule which is true because I want to adapt as fast as possible. I attempted Triphasic for over a month without being able to adapt because of school and then directly switched to a nap only schedule called Naptation for a few days with heavy sleep deprivation and then again I switched to Siesta with even more sleep deprivation and then again I switched to E1 after my mother forced me to sleep less during the afternoon. I had an ongoing sleep deprivation for over 3 months. I'm not sure how I managed that but it worked LMAO.

I started polyphasic sleeping in the late 2019 although I already slept polyphasically as a child for many years. My first schedule I tried was E1 but because of my high sleep needs I needed to extend the core to 7.5 hours after I horribly failed the E1 with 6h core. I kept this E1 for many months till I got curious to try out other schedules.

My attempted schedules so far (updated on 13th December 2020):

I edit videos for Crimsonflwr as a slave on the youtube channel "Polyphasic Sleep Community" since the early 2020. So far I edited 29 videos (updated on 13th December 2020).

My current life goal related to sleeping is to become so good at Meditation that I can reduce my sleep needs to under 6 hours and stay on either Segmented shortened or DC1 shortened or if its possible I would stay on Uberman but further investigations need to be done to tell if Uberman is a healthy schedule long term.

My current sleeping schedule (updated on 31th December 2020): chart link

My health issues: lactose intolerance, fructose intolerance, acid reflux, histamin intolerance, anxiety, depression, addictions, arrythmia, cardiovascular problems and I also might have adhd or asperger syndrom, dyslexia, autism and restless leg syndrome.