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Crimsonflwr's blog (polynet)

Crimsonflwr is the leader of the Polyphasic Sleep Discord as well as subreddit. He and others have published a plethora of articles concerning polyphasic sleep on the blog, which are considerably more up-to-date than most other resources on the internet.

Crimsonflwr's YouTube Channel

Crimsonflwr's YouTube channel dedicated exclusively to Polyphasic sleep related informational videos. The newest research evaluation by Crimsonflwr on Polyphasic sleep can usually be found first on this resource.

Polyphasic subreddit

Active subreddit dedicated to Polyphasic sleep. Several of the moderators are active members of the Polyphasic Discord community, due to the loosely regulated nature of the medium the content quality may vary.


Napchart is a useful tool to create and display polyphasic sleep schedules.

Polyphasic Sleep Discord

Polyphasic Sleep Discord is an active online community for polyphasic sleeping. Here you can discover everything from scheduling tips to polyphasic experiences by long-time polysleepers.