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Polyphasic Sleep Wiki (PolyWiki) is an open repository for polyphasic sleep information.


PolyWiki provides a platform for users to share and distribute information about polyphasic sleep. It was created with certain goals in mind, among them are:

  • To remain free of creeping commercialisation. We believe that it is unacceptable for those in control of communities to use them for personal benefits. All components of PolyWiki will always remain free to access and distribute, and no one can claim exclusive rights over them for commercial use.
  • To allow free access, review, and distribution of information. We believe that information ought to always be accessible, free from the control of centralised entities.
  • To spread polyphasic sleep around the world. We believe that many people from around the world can benefit from incorporating polyphasic sleep routines.
  • To encourage experimentation and discovery of new knowledge. Some communities have been growing gradually cautious about experimenting with sleep, and we would like to renew this spirit of exploration seen in earlier communities.