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First joined the Polyphasic Sleeping community on Discord in the latter half of 2017. Attempted multiple schedules, at first many with poor adherence, later several with better adherence. Adaptation was never reached.

Notable Polyphasic Sleep Adaptation Attempts

45 Days of Nap-only

Immediately after joining the community, already adamant to adapt to Dymaxion, communicated with the more active users of the time on how best to approach it to succeed. Given this information the schedule was started, with two major oversleeps of 6 hours in the first week. Despite this, the drive to keep going was there, so with continued occasional oversleeping, inconsistent Dymaxion continued for a month. The total sleep time was reduced to an estimated four hours a day or less on average.

Towards the end, with inconsistency that would surely not result in adaptation, it was decided a new schedule might be worth trying if Dymaxion wasn't going to work, so Uberman was chosen.

  • A short trial of the schedule was concluded with a 2-hour blackout following a nap. During this black out, some doors were left unlocked which should've been locked, some doors were unlocked and some were too challenging to unlock, a conversation was had, a sandwich was made and then consumed, and the rest of the time was presumably spent idling. A detailed description of the blackout event written shortly after it occurred is available here.

After that, the Uberman adaptation was also terminated.

Further side-effects of this event:

  • Hallucinations. Most severe closer to waking up where the environment would be filled usually with spiders, throughout the day the hallucinations would simply be the visual appearance of something quickly appearing and disappearing, usually moving at high speed from one place to another in the field of view.
  • Weight gain. Previously the highest recorded weight in this user's life had been 69kg, and by the end was around 95kg).

72 Days of E2

This attempt came much later, some time into 2018, and was much more consistent. The schedule was adhered to precisely, with the exception of one change, which was the extension of the first nap to 30 minutes, about 30 days in. Progress seemed halted after the first 25 days. Adaptation was not reached.

  • The recovery is somewhat notable, in that it was set to 14 days of monophasic sleep, and for those 14 days there was a reported near constant headache. Perhaps indicating that significant entrainment had occurred and was being undone.