NapGod.js Discord bot

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NapGod is a custom community bot for the Discord, used for various purposes, such as recording schedule adaptations, logging, and information lookup.


Github link:

Throughout its long history it has been maintained by many people. Most recent changes were made by Ninichat and zandimna.


For every command, if [user] is omitted, target defaults to you.

For various tips and tricks about polyphasic sleeping, use !help


To view information about a sleep schedule, use +[schedule-name], e.g. +DC1

  • Non-polyphasic schedules: Mono Random
  • Biphasic schedules: E1 Segmented Siesta BiphasicX
  • Everyman schedules: E2 E3 E4 E5 Trimaxion Sevamayl
  • Dual core schedules: Bimaxion DC1 DC2 DC3 DC4
  • Tri core schedules: TC1 TC2 Triphasic
  • Experimental/Unproven schedules: Camayl QC0 Ducamayl
  • Nap only schedules: Dymaxion Naptation Spamayl Tesla Uberman

Supported schedule variants are shortened extended flipped modified and recovery

  • To set your schedule, use +set [schedule-name].

You may set a schedule variant after a dash, e.g. +set DC1-extended. For schedules not listed use +set Experimental.

  • To set your napchart, use +set [napchart-link].
  • To set both your napchart and your schedule, use +set [schedule] [napchart-link].


  • Look up someone's schedule history: +hist [user] [page]
  • Look up someone's full schedule history +histfull [user] [page]
  • Full history does not merge any attempts and shows indices.
  • You need these indices to edit past schedules.

All dates must be in yyyy-mm-dd format, such as 2020-04-07

  • Add a schedule in the past +histadd [schedule-name] [start-date]
  • Remove a schedule in the past +histdel [index]


  • Set your timezone +settz [timezone]
  • Look up a user's sleep status +status [user]
  • Look up a user's timezone +gettz [user]
  • Look up a user's napchart +get [user]


  • Create a new napchart +create [time-ranges]
  • Show a napchart +nc [napchart-link]


Focus is a mode that disables discord notifications for a time.

  • Enter Forced Productivity +focus [duration]
  • Leave Forced Productivity +unfocus
  • Get some information about a role: +roleinfo [role]
  • Disable new youtube video notifications: +noYT
  • Enable / disable marketplace role: +togglemarketplace
  • Enable / disable NMO watch group: +togglewatchgroup (not many people are using NMO, a software which allows one another to watch themselves to avoid oversleeps)


  • To log in a free format: use +freelog.
  • To log using the bot's private messages help: use +log.
  • To customize logging: use +logoption to check what options are available to make logging faster or more personalized (could be very useful, do not hesitate to use it).
  • To post an EEG log: use +logeeg and send the bot your eeg screenshot in a private message.

Video on how to use the log bot: You are welcome to send constructive feedback about the logging bot to Ninichat.


  • Generate Nap God report: +report

The report is a json file which allows you to see user schedules.