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This is an unadvisable schedule, as its total sleep time is considered to be below the bare minimum required for most people.
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Total sleep3 hours
Proposed byGeneralNguyen
DifficultyExtremely hard
Specification1 cores, 3 30-minute naps, in dymaxion configuration.

Trimaxion (sometimes known as "Trimax") is a schedule that combines elements of Everyman and Dymaxion, proposed to be used as a part of a gradual adaptation to Dymaxion. Trimaxion .[1]


Trimaxion is designed as a transitional schedule for gradually adapting Dymaxion, as well as to provide a fallback schedule after Dymaxion fails. As a part of this transition, Trimaxion replaces the dawn core in Bimaxion with a 30-minute nap, reducing the total sleep to only 3 hours per day.

The structure of sleep resembles a shortened E3 schedule, with only a 1.5-hour core and modified gap sizes. Unlike with typical Everyman schedules, Trimaxion have equidistant sleeps, with sleeps starting at the same times as they will on the final Dymaxion schedule. Though the Dymaxion schedule is freely rotatable, the Trimaxion core is best placed in the evening for optimal SWS. The core is expected to contain mostly SWS, whereas the naps will contain either mostly REM sleep or mixed stages.


There has never been any documented successful adaptations to this schedule thus far. This is in part due to the lack of popularity of the schedule compared to E4, which has far more attempts and a few successes.

As with adapting to other extreme schedules like Uberman, adapting to this schedule likely requires careful balancing between SWS and REM sleep pressures. After switching to the schedule, both SWS and REM pressure climbs rapidly without being fully relieved by the sleeps. After a REM rebound occurs, the SWS debt starts to build up, eventually causing a rebound, which is extremely likely to cause oversleeps.

The 30-minute nap may end in mid-cycle SWS wakes during adaptation, which can be difficult to wake up from, especially with the intense SWS deprivation during adaptation.


Trimaxion is considered extremely difficult, similar to E4. By removing the dawn core from Bimaxion, the sleep pressure throughout the day vastly increases, and the extent of sleep repartitionining required is far greater, making the adaptation more challenging. However, as there had been no documented successes, all these statements are only speculative.

Lifestyle Considerations

This aspect of Trimaxion is similar to Bimaxion. Compared to E4, it is likely to be easier to schedule, as only one daytime nap is required. As the 30-minute naps in this schedule allows longer wake gaps after them compared to standard 20-minute naps, the schedule is easier to manage for people who may have activities that take longer than ~4 hours to complete. However, 30-minute naps are also harder to fit in compared to 20-minute ones.

For average sleepers, the schedule is expected to be unforgiving, even if an adaptation succeeds. For example, as with E4, there is expected to be little flexibility, and skipping any sleep would be very damaging. The amount of space for SWS is also low, and recovery after physical exercise is expected to be very difficult.


An extended variant with a longer core is believed to be possible, similar to a standard E3, but with longer naps. However, there has not been any success with this variant either.


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