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An everyman schedule is a sleep schedule with one core sleep and one or more naps.


Everyman schedules are formed by removing sleep cycles in the end of monophasic sleep, and adding naps to compensate for the lost time in REM and sustain wakefulness. The standard amount of sleep cycles for an average person on monophasic schedule is considered to be 5, and one nap should be added to remove one cycle.

This line highly relies on the SOREM mechanism in naps, albeit it's pretty common to have light sleep naps, especially in the late afternoon. Both REM and light naps are effective in sustaining wakefulness.

The standard core sleep length usually is a multiple of 1.5h (the average sleep cycle length), although it's common to add extra 30 minutes to it for getting more light sleep and REM.

Everyman schedules

A default E1 variant


Everyman 1, usually denoted as E1, consists of a long core at night and a nap midday. E1 usually has a total sleep time of 6h20m This schedule also belongs to the biphasic category by the amount of blocks of sleep. The core has 4 sleep cycles by default.

A default E2 variant


Everyman 2, usually denoted as E2, is a logical successor of E1, reducing one more sleep cycle and having two naps during the day. The sustainable total sleep time on E2 is usually 5h10m. The core has 3 sleep cycles by default.

A default E3 variant


Everyman 3, usually denoted as E3, is a logical successor of E2. It consists of a short core around dusk and three naps. The total sleep time of this schedule is 4 hours by default, therefore it's one of the most difficult schedules, which are sustainable for an average person. The core has 2 sleep cycles by default.

A default E4 variant


Everyman 4, usually denoted as E4, is a logical successor of E3. It contains a short core around dusk and three naps. This schedule has a total sleep time of around 2h50m, which is extremely low. The core has only one cycle by default, which makes the schedule unsustainable for most people with normal SWS requirements.

A default E5 variant


Everyman 5, usually denoted as E5, has a short core around dusk and five naps. The total sleep time is generally 3h10m and the core also has only one cycle, which makes it similar to E4. This schedule is often used as a means for gradual adaptation to Uberman, but so far no successful attempts has been known with this approach.

A default Sevamayl variant


Sevamayl, an acronym for "sleep everyman as much as you like", is a variant of Spamayl that includes one core sleep at night. The idea is to adapt to a general everyman sleep schedule, after which the individual learns the flexibility to move around start & end times of their core & naps. The total sleep varies broadly, though is generally 5h30m to 7h.

A default Trimaxion variant


Trimaxion is a strict schedule that combines elements of E3 and Dymaxion (an experimental nap-only schedule), designed as a transitional schedule with Dymaxion in mind. The total sleep time is 3h.