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Tri Core 2
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Total sleep5 hours 10 minutes
Proposed byLichterLoh
Specification3 single-cycle core sleeps plus 2 naps.

Tri core 2, or TC2, is a schedule in the Tri-core line[1], which consists of three cores and two naps.


TC2 is created by Reddit user LichTerLoh, detailed in a 2017 reddit post. TC2 is proposed as a way to gradually adapt to DC3, though there has not been many attempts at either the schedule itself or the transition.


The idea behind TC2 is a compromise between distributing three cores throughout the day as in Triphasic, and cramming all of them in the night as seen in TC1. Cores are placed in the late afternoon, late evening, and early morning, with two naps inserted in the day to maintain the alertness. The scheduling of the 3 cores resembles that of the 3 naps on Dymaxion.


The second and third core sleeps are likely to resemble the two cores on Dual core schedules, with the first one containing mainly SWS and the second core containing mostly REM. The first core is likely to be mixed, similar to the day core in Siesta or Triphasic. The daytime naps help boost alertness levels during the day, and may provide a minor amount of REM sleep along with light sleep.


So far, there are very few adaptations to TC2 because of its inconvenient scheduling, with multiple sleep blocks intruding normal social hours that require wake time.

Because of a generally bigger wake gap between the cores, it may be easier to fall asleep in the cores, which can make the adaptation subjectively easier, and lower the chance of oversleeping in subsequent sleeps.


There has been so far very few attempts and successes with TC2, because of intrusive scheduling requirements, which leads to few actual adaptation attempts and therefore few data points to base the difficulty rating on.

Based on the short duration of all cores, which requires the splitting of SWS, and the 5 sleeps per day providing many opportunities for oversleeping, TC2 is likely significantly harder than schedules with similar totals like DC1 and E2.

Lifestyle considerations

The three core sleeps, especially the late afternoon one, can be difficult to schedule for many people. This, along with the two daytime naps, makes this schedule likely only feasible for those with near full control of their own time, such as self-employed workers. Compared to TC1, it has larger gaps at night, which would allow a wider range of activities as there is no need to be constantly preparing for sleep. The inventor of the schedule noted that it eventually became possible to only take one of the two naps on the schedule, with the ability to choose between the two possible locations. This may enhance the feasibility of this schedule for those with regular jobs.


An exteneded variant has been proposed for this scheduule, extending the night core to 3 hours. However, as this schedule is very unpopular, there has been no documented success for any alternative variants. Extending the sleep may also cause significant issues with falling asleep five times a day, similar to the difficulty with QC0.


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